Document Management & Storage: SME's

At Redrock, we understand the need for both instant access and long-term compliance and can work to deliver a complete information management service that helps keep customers firmly in control of all aspects of their business. Or we can deliver just a part of the information lifecycle or a combination of stages – we’re flexible!

Tailored Information Management Services for SME's

Securely managing, protecting and making vital business documents accessible are a unique challenge for small and medium businesses. Our tailored approach, experience, flexibility and UK knowledge can help achieve your goals of having a complete document management and compliance service.

Day-to-day business: small and medium size businesses need instant access to quotes and price comparisons so that they stay on top of fast moving markets. They also need to know that all data is securely backed up should the worst happen and a centrally supported disaster recovery plan needs to swing into action. We can offer automated, expertly monitored on-site hard drive storage, as well as either off-site back-up to disc or tape, or Cloud storage.

Medium- to long-term: paper and electronic documents such as company records, accident books and so on must be kept for years, sometimes the lifetime of the company. Redrock’s bar-coded, traceable system enables customers to recall any document to their desk within just hours, while knowing that all their valuable archive information is safely stored in high-security, environmentally appropriate facilities.

End-of-life disposal: alerted to disposal dates by our proprietary software, we solve the problem of destroying paper and digital data, swiftly and securely. We understand the need for continued confidentiality, even when paper is shredded or discs wiped, which is why we provide auditable trails and certificates of destruction.   Contact us to find out more about our cost-effective, high-security and personalised document management and storage services for SME's.

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