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Redrock can offer your company a wide range of document and large format scanning from current information to historical archives. Our document scanning is secure and efficient, with a comprehensive range of ISO27001 and BS10008 compliant services. We can help you streamline the handling of your paper-based information, scanning your existing and ongoing records to create an efficient document process and retrieval system, allowing you to free up valuable storage space and free up labour. Your records and documents will be handled safely and confidentially by our highly trained and qualified staff in a secure environment.

  • Back scanning of Historic Archives and Libraries

    Back scanning of Historic Archives and Libraries

    We handle the secure collection, preparation and scanning of historical archives such as patient records, HR files, Health & Safety records, financial, legal and insurance documentation and the like - creating digital information that can be accessed at a touch of a button by our customers.
  • Daily inbound information scanning

    Daily inbound information scanning

    We can streamline and automate the handling of the daily inbound information streams that you receive by post including Customer correspondence, Accounts Payable, Insurance claims etc and make these accessible to you in real time.
  • Large Format and Plans Scanning

    Large Format and Plans Scanning

    Redrock have specialist equipment that digitises large format maps and plans up to A0 in size whilst maintaining the original scale. These can be returned as convenient PDF or TIFF images in mono or colour.
  • Microfiche conversion

    Microfiche conversion

    We convert historic libraries of microfiche into digital form, emabling customers to access data easily rather than buying and mainiting cumbersome outdated machinery.
  • Cloud Data Storage

    Cloud Data Storage

    Both historical archives and daily inbound information streams can be made instantly accessible to authorised users through our secure digital cloud based data storage solution or via secure data transfer into your own EDRMS.
  • Hard Copy Storage

    Hard Copy Storage

    With space at a premium, we also offer a secure hard copy storage solution to use in parallel or instead of our document scanning services.
  • Secure Document Destruction

    Secure Document Destruction

    We manage hard copy destruction of documentation for all of our customers to DIN 4 shredding standards and delete digital information using BLANCO software.
  • Categorisation and Sifting Services

    Categorisation and Sifting Services

    Our teams have extensive experience of categorising documentation on behalf of customers – saving them both money, and as importantly, staff resources which cannot be redirected from other projects.