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Document Management & Storage: Public Sector

Striking a balance - The range of information dealt with by any central or local government department and associated organisations is legion. From customer and local resident correspondence, to personnel records, committee meeting minutes, to internal and external communications channels to historical documents and many, many more – everything must be kept and managed. To stay ahead of the game and in full control, the public sector needs to strike a balance between accessibility, logistics and compliance.

Tailored Information Management Services for the Public Sector

At Redrock we understand that all stored data. from the humblest customer letter to the most ancient, historically important document, is vital to the public sector and its reputation. The sheer breadth and volume of data that needs to be protected correctly can be rather intimidating. We can help with every stage, whether that’s near or deep storage, instant retrieval, conservation, data-wiping or end-of-life asset disposal, managing all materials and putting departments back in control of their information.

Electronic data: on-site and off-site back-up of all electronic communications is essential. Redrock can set up 24-hour monitored, automatic on-site hard drives and off-site server or Cloud storage. Some of the benefits include peace of mind, sharing and accessibility at the touch of a button.

Paper: if accessibility is key, we can store and manage live data so that customers can trace and track individual files using O’Neil software and our proprietary Dovetail software, order via phone, email or online, and expect the records delivered to their desks within hours. When documents become obsolete, we can move them into top-level, secure private and shared underground deep storage vaults, care for and manage them accordingly.

Historical material: we provide specialist conditions for historical materials, such as ancient local maps and film archives. We recommend organisations have such paper items scanned by our experts on outsize machines so that the originals can be stored away, with no need for further handling. The scans can then be used by researchers and local government personnel. Should film footage need expert restoration, we also provide those specialist conservation services.

End of life: sustainable, responsible disposal of end-of-life assets, both digital and paper, is a commitment that’s essential to both our public sector customers and to us. As a major recycling business, we regard end-of-life as the beginning of life for something else: recycled paper or re-used IT assets. Our Dovetail file management system flags up documents that are ready for swift, secure shredding. Obsolete IT assets we guarantee to totally data-cleanse so that our customers can be confident they are safe and suitable for re-sale, with the associated return on investment benefits, or for complete break down and re-use of component materials.

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