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Public Procurement


Redrock Document Processing Services Ltd is a new Charitable organisation that supplies value for money document management services to Public and Private Sector organisations and can be easily accessed via the CCS RM1689 Framework and the Scottish Procurement Framework for Supported Businesses. Alternatively, Article 19 of the EU public procurement directive allows any company or public sector body to reserve public contracts for supported businesses.

Redrock was created by the former senior management team of Remploy Office Fulfilment with a clear and defined objective to provide employment to disabled workers as recognised by the Disability Discrimination Act, and from the outset, former Remploy workers.

Redrock commenced trading in October 2012 and we have already provided long term employment opportunities for 26 disabled people in Wigan, 14 at Porth in Wales and 9 in Falkirk in Scotland. Additionally, Porth has created a further 5 places for 18 to 24 year olds. Supported by our flat management structure, we currently employ 49 disabled / disadvantaged people out of a headcount of 57.

News2Our business model is quickly scalable, and it is our intention to increase our disabled headcount to over 100 as soon as is practicable.
In December 2013, Redrock was acquired by the Haven Group, which strengthens the business in many ways, not least opening up more avenues for the employment of disabled people. In addition to being recognised as a Supported Business, in May 2014 Redrock officially became a charity, registered with the Office of Scottish Charity Regulator.

Customers of Redrock that have supported this growth by placing business with us include, NHS Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, Government Agencies, Central Government, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, NDPB’s, Training Organisations, Engineering and Manufacturing companies and Unions.