Daily Inbound Information Scanning

We can streamline and automate the handling of the daily inbound information streams that you receive by post including Customer correspondence, Accounts Payable, Insurance claims etc and make these accessible to you in real time.

Redrock streamlines this daily flow of inbound information from individual work-streams such as Customer Correspondence, Insurance Claims or Accounts Payable through to managing the entire influx received by your post room every day. Our step by step approach enables organisations or individual departments to easily engage with us and benefit from our services on a flexible basis.

Our Digital Mailroom and inbound information stream service provides an efficient in-bound information system- scanning documents and letters and sorting your inbound post, delivering it straight to your electronic inboxes.

How it works:

All post for your organisation is delivered to us, via a re-routing post service. We scan it and deliver to the correct recipient as agreed with you.

Letters, forms, complaints by post fax and email. A streamlined process is key to good customer service. We scan and deliver these to your inbox so they can be dealt with efficiently and promptly.