Back Scanning

We handle the secure collection, preparation and scanning of historical archives such as patient records, HR files, Health & Safety records, financial, legal and insurance documentation etc. then create digitised information that can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Document and record scanning transforms your access to historical and archived records. We convert dusty boxes of files held in expensive storage facilities or taking up valuable space in your buildings into instantly accessible, searchable, useful information. We use the latest technology to provide secure and searchable archives and record management services for all your current and historic documents, in all formats. Documents are returned to you via your choice of secure drive, SFTP or via the Cloud and will integrate seamlessly with any EDRMs your organsation may have.

The benefits of keeping your paper based information in a digital archive are enormous, however the task of transferring what is often a mountain of paper into an electronic format can be a challenge. From Patient Records to Insurance Claims or standard business documents, we provide a comprehensive range of information management and document scanning services designed to address key business needs, helping you to manage your document archives effectively.

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