At Redrock, we understand the financial industry’s need for both instant access and long-term compliance and can work to deliver a complete information management service that helps keep customers firmly in control of all aspects of their business.

Taking back control with information management - Banks, accountants and other businesses involved with the financial sector produce reams of paper and hard drives full of digital data every day. Customer data protection for the banking sector is one of their key concerns and our encryption experts work hard to maintain highest levels of security. But all our customers can rest assured that our knowledge of compliance procedures, our security systems and processes and our dedicated near and deep storage facilities are there to serve them to the best of our ability.

Instant access accounts: financial sector customers need instant access to their customer data, transactions, fast-changing commodities markets and price checks. They also need to know that all that data is securely backed up should the worst happen and a centrally supported disaster recovery plan needs to swing into action. We can offer automated, expertly monitored on-site hard drive storage, as well as either off-site back-up to disc or tape, or Cloud storage. All our back-up systems automatically save electronic transactions to our secure servers, giving peace of mind and desktop access at the touch of a button. On paper, for ultimate speed, our customers can order online or by phone an on-demand scan of any document we hold. For ultimate security, we use O’Neil’s industry-benchmark software with our proprietary tracking software, Dovetail, to enable customers to trace specific files at any time and at any place.

Monitored and money-saving: as well as tracking a document’s location and managing its correct care procedures, we proactively analyse our customers’ storage patterns to find ways to save space and money. That could be through lower-cost flatpack boxes, prompt and securely managed end-of-life destruction or moving paper documentation to scanned and electronic data for ease of access and more compact storage requirements.

End-of-life disposal: alerted to disposal dates by our proprietary software, we solve the problem of destroying paper and digital data, swiftly and securely. We understand the need for continued confidentiality, even when paper is shredded or discs wiped, which is why we provide auditable trails and certificates of destruction.

Trust and confidence: many of our customers find they couldn’t manage the sheer churn rate of documents, data protection and end-of-life without Redrock working beside them.

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